Chaco Archaeology
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Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

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Chaco coming again in April 2015!

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April 9-13, 2015!


And the scenery's spectacular!

Chaco Archaeology is Coming Again: April 9-13, 2015

Don't miss this one: Limited to just 20 Guests.

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Contact Piet & Mary Van de Mark by phone: (520) 887-2340

You asked for even more comfort and we are pleased to provide excellent travel comfort and more spacious enjoyment for you on this program.

Chaco remains remote and cannot be visited, let alone fully appreciated, by motor coach. We choose very comfortable new passenger vans (with the rear seats removed for luggage and lunches), and limit the participation to just 20 guests so that only two guests will occupy each 3-person seat.

Everyone enjoys their own window seat with views and spacious comfort!


Imagine! Market Day at Chaco Canyon a millennium ago... thousands of people have gathered at Pueblo Bonito... come afoot from far, far away: Mesa Verde, Paquimé, Central Mexico... Screams of bright macaws echo off sandstone walls. Shells from the Sea of Cortez sparkle in the desert sunshine. Stones and gems, skins, wood, pottery, foods and seeds from far-off lands are bartered.

For reasons still debated, this entire civilization crumbled. Or did it just change? How? Why? Who went where? And when? Come discover the possibilities! Know the immense beauty of this remote place: Chaco Culture National Historical Park, a World Heritage Site, New Mexico. Join Piet and Mary for this wonderful learning adventure with second-generation Chaco archaeologist Dr. Gwinn Vivian.

Gwinn literally grew up at Chaco. He will introduce you to the science and theories surrounding the strategies and techniques that Chacoan farmers used to adapt to their harsh environment. We will begin with an overview of Chacoan culture in Chaco Canyon and then trace the expanding Chacoan system as it moved throughout the San Juan Basin.  Our exploration takes us not only to well known sites such as Pueblo Bonito but to significant and seldom visited Chacoan outliers including Pierre’s, Kin Bineola and Kin Ya’a. In these days you will see natural beauty and human history that may well change your life!


If you enjoy archaeology and Breathtakingly Beautiful Southwest Vistas...

plan to join us for our next Archaeology of the Mesa Verde Region.

Click here for more information on Mesa Verde Archaeology!

Gwinn Vivian arrived at Chaco at age one, and did his first archaeology in Chaco Canyon at the age of three. He has devoted much of his life since to interpreting Chacoan culture. Gwinn is especially interested in Chacoan water control systems, agriculture and roads, which he believes were critical aspects of Chaco culture growth in the 11th century. Since leaving the Arizona State Museum in 1999 he has devoted much of his time to writing and to building a straw bale house in NE Arizona. Dr. Vivian’s The Chaco Handbook: An Encyclopedia Guide has been called “...the best single volume introduction available to explain Chaco.” It will enhance your enjoyment of this trip. Mary's lifetime in Arizona plus over two decades of natural history education experience, including her fourteen years at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum’s Education Department, continue to assure BFT's fans an enjoyable and professional interpretive focus. BFT produces personalized learning vacations that appeal to guests with a wide range of interests and physical abilities. Mary's love of arts, history, great food and friendly, curious people keep her on the go. Scouting new and special spots to share is an enjoyment for Mary and her husband Piet. Mary's passion for desert flora, ethnobotany and her informative nature interpretations continue to be enjoyed by all.  



Piet’s passion for Baja California, Mexico's natural beauty bloomed on a personal odyssey in the summer of 1962. Baja's Frontier Tours began with 4WD camping expeditions—Personalized Wilderness Travels—with Piet’s founding of BFT in Tucson, Arizona in 1966. Programs gradually evolved into the enjoyable and unique learning eco-vacations—Personalized Natural & Cultural History—that Mary and Piet's guests share today in the Baja California peninsula, plus other selected locations in Mexico and in the American Southwest . The variety and quality of BFT's offerings continue to grow with each passing year.

 Imagine! Who walked through these doors before you came? 

And where on earth did they go? 

Gwinn will share his lifetime of knowledge of this. And more...       

Impressive Pueblo Bonito!    © Nancy Bower Photo 2012


 Contact Piet & Mary Van de Mark by phone:

520-887-2340 (Tucson, Arizona)

This popular small group trip is filling now.

We are pleased to bring you excellent comfort and enjoyment on this program. Of course, Chaco is remote in lovely northwestern New Mexico, and cannot be visited, let alone fully appreciated, by motor coach. We limit registration and bring enough comfortable new passenger vans so that only two people will occupy each wide 3-person seat. Every guest will enjoy their own window seat and spacious comfort. Space is limited.

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Another unique Learning Adventure experience from Baja's Frontier Tours.


More Details Coming Soon

April 9-13, 2015

 Small group of up to 20 guests is filling now.

Our 4 nights of very comfortable accommodations include 2 nights at Farmington, New Mexico's lovely Courtyard Marriott, snuggled on the banks of the delightful Animas River; enjoy the peace, beauty and wildlife as you stroll the quiet River Walk that begins right outside our hotel.

Spacious seating in new vans: just 2 guests per wide bench seat.

Everyone enjoys their own window seat! 

$ per person, double occupancy

Private rooms available at $additional

Call Mary & Piet Van de Mark at Baja's Frontier Tours

(520) - 887-2340 (Tucson, Arizona)

Reserving now.



 Contact Piet & Mary Van de Mark by phone:

520-887-2340 (Tucson, Arizona)

Please call Piet & Mary at (520) 887-2340 in Tucson, Arizona

for reservations and with any questions.


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