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Baja's Backroads & Hidden Places

Baja California, Mexico's Natural History: Our specialty Since 1966!



A Learning Adventure in Baja California, Mexico with Geologist "Amazing" Bob Scarborough


Join Mary & Piet Van de Mark for this Memorable Baja Experience!

Experience the geology, botany and natural history of the amazing Baja peninsula

Enjoy the Peninsula's Uniquely beautiful Central Desert, Pacific Coast and the Sea of Cortez!

Join geologist Amazing Bob Scarborough for this comfortable natural history learning adventure to explore Baja California, Mexico’s unique Sonoran Desert as it meets the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean. 

Our journey is paced to enjoy and photograph the peninsula’s fascinating plants and breathtaking vistas and geology. Piet & Mary Van de Mark have shared spectacular learning vacations in the peninsula with their guests for decades. Experience those golden days of yesteryear in central Baja as you explore a few of the storied peninsula’s hidden places. 

Piet’s 44 years in Baja permit guests to savor secluded missions hidden in watered canyons, rugged rocky roads leading to old mines, while Mary’s knowledgeable botanical interpretations add to your delight. 

Bob's enthusiasm for geology is amazingly contagious! You'll enjoy pleasant restaurants bursting with fresh seafood and Mexican specialties, comfortable nightly hotels, round-trip transportation from San Diego in comfortable new passenger vans (rear seats removed for comfort, luggage and lunches), and delightful picnics in Boojum forests and by the sea.


 Exciting Daily Discoveries and comfortable Nightly Hotel Accommodations. 

Personally produced, operated and hosted by Piet & Mary Van de Mark.

Roundtrip from San Diego, California with pleasant hotel accommodations every night.

Call for your detailed brochure today. Space is limited. Please reserve early!

This unique learning vacation is co-sponsored by the Arizona/Sonora Desert Museum and Baja's Frontier Tours. For over a half-century the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum has fulfilled its mission: to inspire people to live in harmony with the natural world by fostering love, appreciation, and understanding of the Sonoran Desert. We are proud to provide a part of that learning and inspiration to members, visitors and the community through our learning vacations. Membership is a click away:

Your Interpretive Naturalist Hosts -  

Bob Scarborough's enthusiasm for geology is amazingly contagious! He has learned of regional geology for over thirty-five years while on many federal, state and company projects. Now, Bob has an opportunity to revisit the Baja California peninsula, one of his favorite geological places. Bob loves to share his passion for the amazing big picture of regional geological history. He is researching the origin of the Grand Canyon, and working on a book describing the geological history of the Southwest.  

  Piet & Mary Dennis Winsten photo

Mary Van de Mark's two decades of natural history education experience at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and Tucson Botanical Garden continue to assure BFT's guests both enjoyable itineraries and a professional interpretive focus. Mary's informative nature interpretations continue to be enjoyed by all.

Piet Van de Mark’s passion for Baja California, Mexico's natural beauty bloomed on a personal odyssey in the summer of 1962. Baja's Frontier Tours began as 4-WD camping expeditions in 1966. As paved roads and hotels slowly came to Baja, BFT gradually evolved into the Personalized Natural & Cultural History that Mary & Piet share today in Baja and other selected locations in Mexico and the American Southwest. 


Ambrosia, the first Baja Jeep, in the summer of 1962. That's Bevan Jones (where are you anyway, Bev?), Earl de Berge and Piet.

A Mark Winheld photo from The Good Ol' Days

No, we don't do motorcycle tours...but some of our smiling guests are hard to keep track o f when they're offered a ride on one...

Baja, Norm and Boojum.gif (127182 bytes) A grand old Boojum circling Dr. Normal Klein. Anybody know where Norm and Helen are these days??? Please call me!

Baja, Malarrimo dinner.gif (117361 bytes)

We've known every one of Baja's hotels and restaurants that we recommend and take you to for over three decades...they are all pleasant and delightful places to dine and to enjoy your learning vacation!



 Contact Piet & Mary Van de Mark by phone:

520-887-2340 (Tucson, Arizona)

Toll Free: 1-800-726-7231  

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